Wet Umbrella Car Storage
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Wet Umbrella Car Storage

Ever hopped in the car with a messy dripping wet umbrella?
Or how about going out of the car when it's heavily raining
just so you can get your umbrella in the trunk?

This Wet Umbrella Car Storage will help you
fix that frustrating rainy season scenario!

It holds and collects water from your dripping wet umbrella!

Built-in Water Compartment
catches all the water drips from your umbrella without any leaks.

Hassle-free Draining System

Anti-Leak Snap Button Closure ensures no water leaks!

Convenient Size & Easy Hang Design

Perfect for ANY type and size of umbrella...
you can even use it for canes!

Easily adjustable to the length of your umbrella.

Up to 3 big umbrellas can be stored in this organizer!

Not just for cars!

You can also use it for your scooter!

Easy Storage When Not in Use

It doesn’t take up too much space!

When not in use, you can easily fold or roll it and store it in the trunk.

High-quality and Waterproof Material

Made with premium polyester fabric for the best durability.


No more water drips in the car from messy drippy umbrellas.
And no more getting out of the car on rainy days to get your umbrella in the trunk. 
Now you can keep all umbrellas within easy reach inside the car!

Add this handy Wet Umbrella Car Storage to your vehicle NOW!!!

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